Jackson Lewis LC

Jackson Lewis Legal Consultancy is a nationwide business development agency that specialises working with solicitors’ firms and those working within the legal sector

Our mission is simple – to help solicitors’ firms or entities who have clients as solicitors.

We can act as your outsourced business development consultancy or compliment and bring added value to your existing business development efforts.

In a nutshell, we help with everything that will develop your legal sector business, including:

  • Strategies to acquire more clients
  • Utilising and developing new areas of work
  • Cross-selling and increasing return rate of existing clients
  • Using our comprehensive network of legal contacts built up over numerous years to bring you valuable opportunities.

Ideally, we don’t just involve the owners, we involve everyone within your business but if you prefer it can just be with the management team or decision makers or just the owners/directors.

We utilise a holistic approach that will reap benefits into the future but will start working immediately.

If you request it, we empower your staff in the art of business development

We also focus on the important use of legal networking to move your business forward and add to both the bottom and top lines.

As well as our core work of legal business development we also offer law firms other services found on our website.

Why should you use us?

We will quickly identify a coordinated and comprehensive legal business development plan without any frills — a direct approach that will bear fruit.

We are very cost effective and efficient.

We can model your business development plan to fit most budgets.

We don’t just help law firms but any firms who provide services to law firms within the legal sector.